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  1. The lack of a robust App Store is a major drawback for the Zune HD, which otherwise flaunts a beautiful touch-screen, an excellent user interface, HD radio, and the best browser we've seen since.
  2. The Zune HD utilizes a very graphic-heavy interface, which is powered by NVIDIA's Tegra chipset, is ideally complimented by the OLED display's wide color range and high contrast
  3. The Zune HD features a completely revamped Zune interface, one which utilizes big text, big gestures, a multi-dimensional layout, and multitouch input to help you navigate through your media

The Zune HD's screen is a 3.3-inch multitouch capacitive touchscreen, in a 16:9 (widescreen) ratio running at an ironically non-HD 480x272. The iPod Touch, in comparison, is a 3.5-inch multitouch. The Zune HD was Microsoft's last gasp at conquering the fading MP3 player market, so how well does it hold up today? Lets find out....

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Capacity 32 gigabytes (GB) Up to 8,000 songs, or ten hours of high definition video from Zune Marketplace, or 48 hours of video optimized for device, or 25,000 pictures Size and weight Size: 52.7. The Zune HD has also fixed an old problem that dogged the hard-drive-based Zunes; when browsing long lists of album art, the drive would spin and the interface would sputter as it tried to load. Review: Microsoft Zune HD 32GB. The Zune HD is no longer the butt of any joke. From HD output to a revamped marketplace, Microsoft's media-player-that-could gives Cupertino legit competition for.

Zune HD Premium Car Pack. by Microsoft. Package Type: Standard Packaging Change. Price: $12.95 + Free shipping. Write a review. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Top positive review. See all 75 positive reviews › Danielle Cioffi. 5.0 out of 5 stars Must-Have for Zune Owners (all 12 of us) January 21, 2014. Zune HD Review After playing with the Zune HD for some time, here's the complete review. The first Zune was an interesting device, but it was not sexy and didn't have any real edge over the iPod, except in two areas: the WIFI sync and more importantly, the Zune Pass: a music rental option that doesn't exist with Apple Microsoft Zune HD Review. Vincent Nguyen - Sep 17, 2009, 9:47 am CDT. 1. Microsoft's first Zune attempts won it a few dedicated users but a whole lot of criticism. In the face of Apple's all. As a whole, the Zune software remains easy to use and visually attractive but isn't a revolution. wrapping up Coming to the Zune HD, we were afraid that it would reflect the stereotype of a Microsoft 1.0 product: interesting and full of potential, but far too rough to be enjoyable. That was doubly true as Microsoft's poor reputation with.

While the actual build quality of the Zune HD is quite nice, you immediately realize that the capacitive 3.3-inch 16x9 480x272 OLED screen is the star of the show the moment you turn it on. If you wanna compare it to the iPhone and iPod touch, those have 3.5-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen displays with 480x320 resolution The Zune HD supports 720p HD video files, so you can play videos through the dock on your HDTV. Fortunately, Microsoft included the dock in our review kit, so I could test this feature out Microsoft Zune HD 32 GB Review. Zune Enough for Us. I've heard plenty of arguments from all corners of The Biz that, going back to the very first iteration in 2006, Microsoft's Zune portable media player was/wasn't going to be the software and gaming giant's iPod killer.Maybe I could believe it (the screens have always been gorgeous), then again maybe I had my doubts (one of the keys to the. Zune HD Review. by Abe Olandres · October 12, 2009. Microsoft's new Zune HD is slowly becoming a solid competitor to the widely popular iPod Touch and while already in it's 2nd generation, the Zune HD is still playing catch-up. The weight and dimension of the Zune HD is just right. Out of the box, the Zune HD is pretty slim and light (40%.

The Zune HD doesn't have this problem, and I appreciate that in a PMP that lacks physical media controls. I'd still prefer buttons for this, but at least the Zune HD makes it work well with a touch screen. Video and pictures are beautiful on the OLED screen. The black is true black, and there's none of the negative black problem I ran into on. Here is my review / thoughts on the Zune HD guys. It's an excellent music player, possibly the best MP3 player out there. But because of the lack of support. Our review takes a tour around the dock to see if it's worth the effort. what's in the box, setup and ports The $90 price tag on the Zune HD's dock seems exorbitant for a single-purpose accessory, but it's when you open the box that you realize that Microsoft's goal was to cover every conceivable need in a single pack Zune HD review. New Zune review (part 2): upgrade, hardware, software and Social. Zune review. Latest Reviews. See all articles. Latest in Features 84 OnePlus 8T review: More power, more features.

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That's just a small list of features the Zune HD has and with the combination of Zune Desktop Software which is amazing and Zune Pass it makes it a complete portable media package. I believe this is a great competitor to the iPod and if your in the market for a new portable player check out the video review Microsoft's Zune player has gotten steadily better since it was first released in 2006. Its latest effort, the Zune HD, gets several things right, including video and music playback Hi Friends, This article aims to covers the newly launched Zune HD. It was launched on the 15th of September of this year in the United States of America. The player currently is not sold anywhere outside the US. The only couple of ways one can get it in India is via an importer or if some.. Zune HD (A Review) December 27, 2009 at 3:27 am · Filed under Reviews ·Tagged apple, hd, iphone, ipod, ipod touch, microsoft, review, touch, zune, zune hd. I just received the Zune HD and a one month Zune Pass subscription along with it for Christmas! To be honest, it's the best MP3 player that I've ever used

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  1. Like I say, I can't review the Zune HD until I can try all its core features. But so far, mostly so good-the Zune HD seems to be well thought-out from both a hardware and software standpoint
  2. a while. The Zune HD is a totally different creature when compared to the Zune 120, the interface and features are very different, but they still remain similar in a lot of aspects. One small complaint I could have is the Zune HD does not come with a case or screen protector. Yes the screen is supposedly scratch resistant, but that doesn't mean i
  3. Zune HD Quick Specs. Mutli-Touch screen; OLED Screen; Nvidia Tegra Processor; HD Playback up to 720p (With external docking station) Wi-FI; Browser; HD Radio; Apps; With that list of specs you expect either great player or a hot mess and this is isn't just a great player. Its an Awesome player. Starting with the size and the looks of the Zune HD which are great and feel good in the hand

Lets begin this review with the obvious question on most people's minds: Why would I buy a Zune HD over an iPod Touch? We'll get to the answer in a minute, but first the specs: The Zune HD sports a multitouch 3.3 inch OLED screen, 16-32GBs of storage, built-in HD radio tuning, 30+ hours of audio playback/8+ hours of video, and HDMI video out via an optional dock Review: Zune HD & AV dock and Zune Premium Car Pack. I purchased a regular platinum 32GB Zune HD on the 15 September launch day from Amazon and a few hours later order a Zune Originals device that. At long last, Microsoft has made a portable media player that you can be proud to carry around: the Zune HD. This fourth-generation Zune (Zune.net) is ultra thin and has a stunningly vivid 3.3.

Zune HD review roundup: excellent hardware and UI, apps lacking. Some sites received Zune HD review units from Microsoft (I had to buy mine), but they were not able to post their reviews since. Zune HD review. Ramon Trotman | October 5, 2009 | Uncategorized | 2 Comments. Microsoft is back around for one more go at the Zune platform, this time all bets are off! The new generation of the platform offers a long overdue hardware refresh and some very nice additions to the software as well As a music player, the most interesting thing about the Zune HD is a holdover from previous Zunes: Microsoft's Zune Pass subscription service. For $14.99 a month, you get full access to Microsoft's entire catalog of music; you can download albums and tracks directly to the HD, via its built-in Wi-Fi, or download them to a PC first and then.

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Zune HD review. So like I said, today I am going to do a Zune HD review. The device that I own is the 32 gig platinum edition. Sadly enough, Microsoft decided to discontinue this competitor to Apple's iPod touch. There was even mention of dropping the brand name entirely, which would mean that there would be no new products or updates to. The Zune HD sports a brushed-metal look on the backs of all the colours of the player. People have complained about rusting on the 32GB model of the Zune HD, under the Home button. This isn't actual rusting, but rather dirt and junk from people's fingers rubbing against the material and rubbing away color Zune HD Review: The PMP, Evolved. Dan Nosowitz. Published 11 years ago: September 17, 2009 at 1:00 am-Filed to: 720p. clips features microsoft Music pmps portable media players review zune zune hd

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Zune HD Review 03Nov09. So, I'm just a Canadian who got my hands on a Zune HD. It was worth the trip. Although I only live an hour away from the border to Michigan, so of course the trip was more than worth it. Size/Exterior. When you first see it, it's hard to believe how small the device is. It fits well in the hand(s), and feels very sturdy At the $220 point, the 16GB Zune HD undercuts Apple significantly, and at $290 is competitive. The Zune Pass sweetens the deal; subscription music still sounds weird to me, but like Pringles, once.

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The Zune has NO equal, it's the best FM I have heard on any device including a Sony Walkman. If you add that some stations are in HD is just a bonus, AND there is a difference in sound ! The Zune software takes some getting used to and once you get accustomed to it, it's not that bad Retro Review Zune HD made me wish I never bought an iPod From the start, the Zune HD feels like a quality product. This was the very first time I'd ever touched a Zune, and there's no denying. The Zune HD comes in 16GB and 32GB versions, for $220 and $290, respectively. Overall, it is roughly .3 inches narrower and shorter than the iPod Touch and just a hair thicker. It also is. Zune HD Review [AUTHORS NOTE: This is a tremendously long and in-depth review. I have tried to highlight what I feel are important and key phrases as well as break the review up into sections. Your comments are most appreciated.] I received a 16GB Zune HD in the mail about a week ago

Introduction . We don't often review software, but it was almost unavoidable in this case - the Zune desktop software is an inseparable part of the Windows Phone 7 experience Review: Microsoft Zune HD. Since launching its answer to the iPod in 2006, Microsoft has tantalized us with a combination of the sublime (great music subscription service, built-in FM tuner. Review: Zune HD media player. Introduction The Zune HD is Microsoft's third hardware revision to the Zune line of media players and by far its best. Despite being an overall excellent audio video player, the Zune has yet to break into the mainstream (under 2 percent of market compared to 74 for iPod) and has even become somewhat of a popular. I purchased this refurbished Zune HD at Christmas time as a replacement for an MP3/Radio player and here is my considered review. 1 - Buying experience and unboxing. Came within a few days bubbled wrapped and with a sync cable. The product was black, shiny and looked brand new. Connected the Zune

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The Zune HD The Zune HD player is quite a nice looking piece of hardware and one that certainly catches the eye. Its sleek form has an industrial yet sexy look that gets attention Price range: $220.00- $599.99 The Good The Zune HD's brilliant OLED display, HD Radio tuner, long battery life, movie rentals, and subscription music integra.. The Zune HD now supports h.264 video playback up to 10Mbps with a peak of 14Mbps which is more than enough for many 720p movies. Good stuff! A new dock is also launching for the HD; the new dock. While Zune HD is very solid for music and video, it still is missing a lot compared to its primary competitor from Apple. For instance, it doesn't come with built-in e-mail, contact and schedule.

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NOTA tt 9.0 Review Zune HD. Quem quer um media player portátil de qualidade superior ao do iPod vai adorar o Microsoft Zune HD. Porém, não pense que ele poderá substituir o portátil da Apple. Your Microsoft Zune HD Reviews The Zune HD reviews you'll find on this page were written by other visitors to this site. People just like you, telling you what they think of the Zune HD. Reviews play a critical role in the purchase process of any product. Take your time to read these reviews to help you decide if the Zune HD is right for you Although most Zune Hd 32Gb are similar, there are several differences worth noting. Here are nine criteria to consider when choosing an Zune Hd 32Gb: (1) Zune Hd 32Gb Price and Reviews. Although price is not the only factor to consider, it is nevertheless extremely important. The price of an Zune Hd 32Gb should be in line with its value

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This electronics review is for the zune HD. I was surprised after hearing that Microsoft was releasing a new Zune to compete with the Ipod touch and so I pre-ordered it a couple weeks ago and I was able to receive it today. The Zune HD comes with a 3.3 in OLED screen. Even though the screen is smaller than the touch, the OLED screen gives more. (UPDATE: This isn't a Zune review, but now I've written one--here it is.) Microsoft's Zune HD--the first touch-screen version of the company's non-iPod-killing media player--goes on sale today. I've been playing with one loaned to me by Microsoft, along with the new Zune 4.0 software, and am itching to review it. I can't yet, though--th The Zune HD can handle 720p HD files, but on the player, they'll play back in standard definition. HD playback is only achieved on an HDTV or a PC, using the aforementioned optional dock's HDMI.

Zune HD/4.0 review. I have had an iPod ever since they introduced the 4 touch button one way back in 2003. I've used iTunes to buy music, organize my playlists, and keep my digital life in order. Over the years however, iTunes has grown exponentially in size, but only marginally in features. I find it amusing that Apple, a company that. Zune HD Review: The PMP, Evolved. The big question: Can the Zune HD compete with the iPod Touch? I get the sense that Microsoft isn't . Read mor

The Zune HD ($220 for a 16-gigabyte version; $290 for 32 gigabytes) is packed in a slim, silver-and-black case that sports a fairly generous 3.3-inch touch screen The Zune AV Dock is also a new product but not one that is specifically for the Zune HD. You can use this with any of the Zune devices but will get the most out of it when used with the Zune HD. The packaging is not as sleek as the Zune HD though. The front does show you what you are getting but it loses out by having a stark white background. Physically, the Zune HD got a complete makeover. Measuring 4 by 2 by 0.3-inches thick, it falls somewhere between the last year's hard- and flash-drive models in size Review Zune HD. Há 10 anos Eletrônicos . Review. NOTA tt 9.0. Quem quer um media player portátil de qualidade superior ao do iPod vai adorar o Microsoft Zune HD. Porém, não pense que ele.

Zune software is a digital media player for your PC. You can use it to: Get music with a Zune Pass subscription or buy individual tracks and album The Zune HD is a truly beautiful piece of hardware and software from Microsoft, but it's hard not to feel sorry for the software giant, who, despite releasing a good product, only has 1.1 percent. Microsoft Zune HD Review Story from the Wall Street Journal At long last, Microsoft has made a portable media player that you can be proud to carry around: the Zune HD. This fourth-generation Zune (Zune.net) is ultra thin and has a stunningly vivid 3.3-inch touch screen that covers most of its surface, doing away with the old device's touchpad..

Newegg Product Review - Zune HD. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 11:14. Newegg TV: GIGABYTE Z68X-UD7-B3 Z68 1155 Motherboard Product Tour. Tossdisguising. The Zune HD was Microsoft's take on the portable media player back in 2009. It's been 10 years since its release and many things have changed from a decade ago. In this article we will revisit what the Zune HD had to offer back then and what it means to use it in 2019. Zune HD in 2009 Zune HD in 2009 - MP3 and iPod Touc Review: Zune HD 32GB Platinum. Published 19:52 pm. Finally the Microsoft Zune HD (32GB - platinum) seems to have taken a slingshot at the Apple iPod juggernaut and come out on top. If you want a player with real music power, pass over the iPod for the Zune HD (32GB - platinum) A little background for this review, I currently own both the Sony X-Series 32GB and Zune HD 32GB. I got the Sony X-Series back in June of this year and I was the first customer (as far as I know) to buy the Zune HD at the Harrison Store here in San Francisco at 10:13am on opening day Sept. 15th

Zune HD review | EngadgetAmazonReview of Hexic HD for XBLA and Pc by Protomario - YouTubeHD Radio (Review) + Insignia Portable Player | SkatterNokia Lumia 720 review - The Verge

MS Zune HD REVIEW. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 5:42. Zune 120 Repair: How to Teardown your Zune 120. Leonel Naoma. Zune is a freeware media player software app filed under mp3 player software and made available by Microsoft for Windows. The review for Zune has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.. If you would like to submit a review of this software download, we welcome your input and encourage you to submit us something Zune Review. If you own a Zune, it is worth you install Zune Software and power up our tiny but powerful device. Zune is the portable multimedia player designed by Microsoft and that is thought to fight versus the iPod. And if when using an iPod we find iTunes, when using a Zune, Zune Player is the recommended program to manage your music Zune HD Review. Intro. The Zune HD was released in the fall of 2009. Almost nobody bought one. Its competition was both the newly redesigned iPod nano (the 2009 version sporting a video camera) and the iPod touch (the 3GS equivalent). Both of them handily smoked it The Zune HD a PMP created by Microsoft. Opening and setting up I recently Sold my ipod touch for something that is better at the music side of things, i found it the zune hd, the price for it was cheaper then its competitor the ipod touch, Once i received it i was grated by a small black box, i found how you open the box a very nice idea you just pull on the bottom part of the box and the.

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